K. V. Haridasan (b.1937)

1966 saw Haridasan pass out his Diploma in Painting with flying colors from theSchool of Arts and Crafts, Chennai. He was already a player on the art scene,having won the Award of Tamil Nadu Academy in 1964 and participating in theNational Exhibition of Art regularly (1964-77).Well known for his oil paintings on canvas, Haridasan was also honored with theAward and Gold medal of Kerala Academy and the Lali Kala Puraskaram Awardfor Art, Kerala Academy.In 1968-71, he exhibited his ‘Yantra’ series of paintings at The British Council,Chennai and Kumar Gallery, New Delhi. He visited Russia, Germany and Franceon cultural exchange in 1974, `83 and`88; participated twice in the InternationalTriennale, New Delhi; exhibited ‘Brahmasutra’ series of paintings, New Delhi. (‘76`78, `81, `92, `94 and `97). He edited rt Trends magazine, and became Professorandlater Principal at The College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum, Kerala. Much feted, heexhibited his unique Neo-Tantra works all over the world; was awarded the SeniorFellowship, Department of culture, Government of India, 1992-95; was nominatedEminent Artist Member, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, 1994; published a book“Intimations on Art, Indian and Western” and also won ‘Lalit Kala Puraskaram’,Award for art, Kerala Academy in 2003.


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