Alex Mathew (b.1957)
Alex Mathew obtained a national diploma in sculpture at Trivandrum Fine Arts in
1981, followed by a post diploma from M.S. University, Baroda, 1984. His wooden
figures were mostly carved in a manner suggesting the indissoluble and integral
links of humans with the earth-world they come from, hinting at the spiritual as
well as the erotic. Mathew won a scholarship to the Hoch Schule fur Bildene
Kunset, in West Germany, receiving an exposure to European artistic trends,
expressionism among them.
Having worked in Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Mandya and Mysore, he settled in
Baroda teaching sculpture at M.S. University since 1994. His exhibitions include
one at Chemould, Bombay 1993, Seven, Young Sculptors, New Delhi 1985,
Questions and Dialogues, Baroda 1986, Alekhaya Darshan, Geneva 1987, Timeless
Art, Bombay 1989, Song of the Dark Times, CIC, New Delhi, Jehangir Art Gallery
and Chemould, Bombay 1991, Sparrow, Bombay 1992, Deutsche Bank Collection,
Bombay 1994, 100 years of Contemporary Indian Art, NGMA, New Delhi 1994,
Recent Trends in Contemporary Indian Art, Vadehra Gallery, New Delhi 1995.
A rather striking feature of his later work is that he leaves a lot of the essence of
the original material he uses. The tree trunks he carves from retain their brooding
preoccupations. Mathew has exhibited widely, in the major galleries in India, as
well as in Geneva.


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