Gopikrishna (b. 1965)

Gopikrishna did his BGA from College of Art, Trivandrum and MFA from College of Art, New Delhi. His paintings are fantastic images, as though they were pagesfrom a book of fairytales. Animals that look like men and men who look likeanimals are all part of a world single world. In a single canvas, one can feel unityand solitude, light and dark.He has had a lot of solo shows, among them – College of fine arts gallery, Trivandrum;‘Beyond the known’, ‘Gates to Decivilization’, ‘Secret Energy’, ‘Turtle Hatchery’; ArtMusings, Mumbai; Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi; Kashi Art Gallery, Mattanchery;Kashi Art Café, Cochin; and Durbar Hall, Kerala. He has participated in manygroup shows abroad including at Schoo’s Gallery, Amsterdam; Bose Pacia Modernprize for Contemporary Art Show, New York; Exhibition of Indian contemporaryArt, Gallery Lombadi, Texas; ‘Double Enderos’, Traveling Exhibition; Group Show,‘Exile & Longing’, Lakeeren Contemporary Art Gallery, Mumbai.This talented artist was, in 2002, awarded the State Award for painting, KeralaLalithakala Akademi, in 2001; Runner up, Bose Pacia Modern prize for ContemporaryArt, New York, in 2002; Award for drawing, All India Fine Arts Society, New Delhi.Apart from this he has been actively participating in artist’s camps.


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