Prasad Raghavan (b.1968)

Prasad studied graphic design at the College of Fine Arts, Thiruvananthapuram. Hethen worked as a visualizer at various advertising agencies.Cinema had captured his imagination. His ad films have won the New YorkAdvertising Festivals, Asia Pacific ‘The Work’ Awards and a Cannes Lion. Prasad’sart in advertising won him many accolades – One Show, New York (Design 2003),Cannes Lion (Films, 2004), Cannes Lion (Poster, 2005), British Design & ArtDirection (Poster, 2005).Prasad started off his artistic career by ‘making posters of his movie club a:door’.He made use of well known films and their histories and manipulated their visualand textual codes to create a parallel dialogue with the intended and aspiredhistories.He showed his artworks at a Bose Krishnamachari-curated show at the MuseumGallery Mumbai; ‘Shot Tilt’, at Gallery BMB, Mumbai (2010); and internationallyat ArtGwangju, Gwangju, South Korea (2010), The Trojan Works (two personsshow),1×1 Contemporary, Dubai (2010), Indian popular culture and beyond:The untold (the rise of) schisms, Alcala31, Madrid (2009), Video Wednesdays@Gallery Espace, New Delhi. Everything, Willem Baars Projects, Amsterdam (2008).Everywhere is war (and rumours of war), Bodhi Art, Mumbai.Prasad’s works have found their place in the collections all over the world. He livesand works in New Delhi.


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