With a 1982 BFA in Sculpture, Govt. College of Fine Art, Trivandrum , and a1988 MFA in Sculpture, MS University , Baroda, Reghunadhan was one of thefounding members of the Indian Radical Painters and Sculptors Association. Hehas participated in the Radical Group’s historic show at the Town Hall in Calicut,Kerala and The Fishermen Village Art Camp in Kerala during 1988-1989. His recentexhibitions include “Santhal family” organized by MUKHA in Antwerp, Belgium,curated by Grand Watson. He participated in “Double Enders”, Mumbai, Kolkata,New Delhi, Bangalore, Kochi (2005), He was a resident at the KHOJ internationalcamp in Mumbai (2005), He has presented a significant body of sculptures in twomajor solo exhibitions in 2006 at Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi and in 2007 at NCPABombay, by Bombay Art Gallery. He participated in group shows “Let it happen”with N N Rimzon and Rajan Krishnan , Gallery OED, Kochi (2009) and “ChangingSkin”, The Fine Art Company, Mumbai (2010). He has also participated in variousshows like “Rememberin Bhupen”, Kashi art café, Kochi and group show by Trivacontemporary, Tiruvananthapuram.


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