Concepts and ideas evolve from creative minds. For a concept to develop into an idea and for
that idea to be translated into reality, it takes a whole lot of grit and determination. Prakrit Art Gallery,
founded in Aug 2003, speaks volumes for the effort and perseverance of one individual, Meena Dadha.
It was her dream to create a space solely for the sake of art and artists – and Prakrit was born!
Prakrit Art Gallery rallies around artists, young and old, providing them with a platform
to showcase their creativity. The Gallery has created a niche for itself in the fast paced arena of
Contemporary art in the national and the global market.
Since its inception, Prakrit Art Gallery has organized many art camps, workshops and exhibitions
displaying the work of an impressive list of eminent artists. The Gallery has also brought out a book
entitled ‘Southern Axis’ which is a rich portrayal of the work of artists from the southern regions of
our country. Prakrit houses Art, Sculpture, Ceramics and Photography.


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