Atul Bhalla (b. 1964)
Atul studied at the College of Art, New Delhi (B.F.A.) and Northern Illinois
University, U.S.A. (M.F.A). He lives and works in New Delhi, India. His body of work
is a constant quest, a thirst. An attempt to understand water; how he perceives
it, feels it, eats it, drinks it, washes in it, bathes in it, swims, wades, sinks or will
drown in it. How he drenches, soaks, douses, moistens, quenches, dilutes, dampens,
cleanses, or purifies. How he excretes tears, sweats, or urine. How the water falls,
drops, floods, inundates, levels, buoys, lashes, gushes, swells and ripples. How it
exists as fog, mist, cloud, steam, snow, sleet, rain, or puddle.
How it contains or is contained. How it is dammed or bottled.
Some of his solo exhibitions include ‘…Within/Without…’ Aicon Gallery, London
(2008), ‘Remarking the River’ Anant Art Centre, Noida, New Delhi and Project 88,
Mumbai (2007) and ‘Immersions’, Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi. He has participated
in several residencies organized by Khoj including ‘48º’ (2008), ‘Eco+Art’ (2007),
‘Dilli Dur Ast’- a month long residency within the old walled city of Delhi (2006),
and ‘Black Box Exercise’ (2006).


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