Mahesh Baliga (b.1982)
Mahesh is intrigued by accustomed visual knowledge, the difficulty in reading works
from unlikely angles. He tries to subvert the standard mode of comprehension. The
humor and absurdity that arise from the mundane plays an important role in his
works, sometimes turning satirical. Objects from day-to-day life enter the frame
and transcend their original locations. They are double-edged and give out infinite
meanings. He tries to see the nuanced layers of an image, the idea from which it
originated and the meaning it produces, the whole of which may be realized in any
form, painting or sculpture.
His works speak for multiplicity rather than any singular vocabulary. It is like
experimenting with visual representations, pondering over the working logic of
art making without any particular premise, sometimes becoming a subject himself.
There is interplay between the verbal and the visual, translated often by wit and
ruminations on the odd and unexpected. There is an effort to imagine another
reality defying formalist realities. There are no single entry or exit points. His
recent show Confabulations shows his dealings with possibilities. The inaccuracy
of an awaited result is converted into strength. The unsaid and the invisible lead us
to an unidentified terrain, to an unexpected new train of thought where the line is
thin between truth and untruth.


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