SAFION, established in early 2009 at Chennai (Tamil Nadu), INDIA, is one of the newest art
galleries in South India. SAFION was born out of years of passion for “Art” by the founder – Prabhakar
Krishnan (Computer Engineer, IT Entrepreneur from USA, an active social worker in the field of mental
health & social science) with a desire to bring South Indian Art to the doorstep of art lovers/dealers/
collectors across the globe. SAFION was conceived in late 2008 with an aim to nurture South Indian
artists with immense potential to make their mark in the intensely competitive world of art. By early
2009, this dream had fructified into SAFION, an Art Initiative & Art Gallery.
At SAFION we have three major responsibilities – To artists, To Buyers, To Society. We choose
the name ‘SAFION’ – derived from the name of the NGO that Prabhakar co-founded at Tiruchirappalli
(south of Chennai) Shanthivanam Art FoundatION. Go beyond the commercial “Art for Art Sake, Art for
Society Sake”, to be of value to Society ,to promote artists in to the main stream art market – Support
a portion of the wealth created by SAFION for the Social causes and Charities in our Society.
This mission led the founder to visit & study various galleries, art schools, art camps, art
exhibitions across various parts of India and abroad, with an aim to help artists from Southern region
to bring their work collectively in front of the world through various marketing mediums.
SAFION is in process of establishing associates in Indian metro cities and other countries
to better market and promote South Indian Art. We aim at making the artwork accessible to buyers
at a very reasonable price, as close to the artists price as possible. SAFION provides the buyers
with an authenticity certificate, operates in a strict regulatory environment and confirms to the best
international standards.
“Our Gallery works for the Artists and not the Artists for the Gallery” – our gallery is
established now because of the artists. These artists have made the gallery what it is today, and we
work with them for the long term, long enough to know each other’s character & sensitivities, sharing
the growth and progress. From the moment we start working with an artist, its really forever.

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