C. Dakshinamurthy (b.1943)
Dakshinamurthy studied at the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Chennai,
in 1966 and was a British Council Scholar in Advanced Print-making at Croydon
College, UK in 1978.
His inspiration comes from people. He gets ideas by observing them – their
moods, postures, gestures, etc. Appreciated internationally for his captivating
granite sculptures and individualistic style of painting, his visual vocabulary derives
from Ayyanar figures and African sculptures. He sculpts in different kinds of stones,
ceramics, bronze, etc. As a versatile artist , he paints in mixed media acrylic, crayon,
watercolor, ink on paper and canvas.
He has exhibited frequently and widely the world over. To name just a few – 1962-
80 – National Exhibitions of Art, New Delhi; 1966, ‘69, ‘71,73,77,83,84,98 – Oneman
shows in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai; 1973 – Seven Indian Artist’s show in
Australia; 1978 – Group Show at Morley Gallery, London; 1978 – One-man show
at Croydon, UK; 1979 – Group show at Buenos Aires, Argentina; 1981,89 – Group
show, Mumbai; 1982 – 9th International Triennale of Coloured Graphic Prints,
Switzerland; 1986 – VI Triennale-India, New Delhi; 1987 – 7th International Small
Sculpture Exhibition, Budapest, Hungary; 1991– VII Triennale-India, New Delhi.
Dakshinamurthy has been honored with Awards by Madras State Lalit Kala
Akademi, Chennai, in 1963,’65; Tamil Nadu Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu, Chennai in
1976,’81 and with National Award, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi in 1985.

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