Chintan Upadhyay (b. 1972)
Chintan has resisted easy pigeon-holing from the beginning. As a young painter,
he was exposed to both the miniature paintings of Rajasthan and the abstract
expressionism of his father, a teacher at the Jaipur School of Art. Chintan left
the Jaipur School of Art to continue his studies in Baroda, where. intrigued by
the scope for meaningful juxtapositions, he began experimenting with a series of
still-lifes. In his final year at art school, he “found his metaphor: to depict objects
in a phallic manner,” in order to communicate the commodification of sexuality.
Moving to Mumbai, he experienced a sense of alienation from its inhabitants
which he translated into “pictures that are alien-like. His paintings are themselves
“critiques of painterly, established norms.” In each painting, he seeks to instill a
sense of movement and possibility.
His own approach to art is that of a quick-change artist. He doesn’t want his
paintings to be a signature. Chintan has created several soft-form, toy-like animals
and giant baby sculptures. He lives and works in Mumbai.
Some of his exhibitions are: Nature God, Sakshi Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan and Mistake,
India Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 2010; Khathi Mithi, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai, 2009;
Pet Shop, Ashish Balram Nagpal Galleries, Mumbai, 2008; Mix Match, a performance produced in Performance Festival Ex Teresa, Mexico and Finding India, MOCA,
Taipei, 2010; Finding India, Seoul Convention Centre, Seoul, Korea 2009.

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