Princess Pea (b. 1980)
Princess Pea did her BFA & MFA from the College of Arts, New Delhi, India.
She was a skinny girl with an extraordinarily large head. Having grown up with the
beauty ideals of Holly and Bollywood, she had always felt out of place. But full of
grit, she transformed into an artist called Princess Pea, partnered with Rob Dean
Art, and is now known for putting up a tongue-in-cheek fight against commerciality
of fashion industry.
The artwork of Princess Pea portrays fractions of a world which questions the
relationship between traditional and contemporary views on beauty. Princess Pea’s
approach to the distorted paradigms of beauty and fashion is entertaining. The
colourful art pieces with elephant parades, bubbles and references to Betty Boob
are far from gloomy, indeed, humorous.
Her solo shows include Supercarlifragilisticexpialidicious, Blackall Studio, London,
2010 and Supercarlifragilisticexpialidicious, Rob Dean Art, India Art Summit, New
Delhi, 2009. Group shows include Now and Then, curated by Shefali Somani, Shrine
Empire Gallery XXXX 2007; A Compensation for what has been lost, curated by
Johnny ML, Travancore Art Gallery, Kerala, 2006; Visual Dialogue, curated by Peter
Nagy, Nature Morte, New Delhi, 2005, and There’s a place in the Sun, curated by
Johnny ML, Krishnan’s Collection Art Gallery, New Delhi, 2004. Princess lives and works in New Delhi.

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