Natesh Muthusamy (b. 1960)
Natesh has a Diploma and Post-Diploma in Fine Arts, Painting, College of Arts
and Crafts, Chennai. He lives, works and exhibits profusely in New Delhi &
Chennai. Some of his Solo shows include Recent Drawings, Dakshina Chitra,
Chennai, Recent canvases and presentation, Cholamandal Artists Village, Chennai
and Drawings, Madras Terrace House, Chennai, in 2010; ‘Tiger’, Acrylic Paintings,
Madras Terrace House, Chennai and ‘Missing Link’, Paintings, Lalit Kala Akademi,
New Delhi in 2008; Drawings, Alliance Francaise, Chenna, 2004; Recent Paintings,
Mural, Installation, Alliance Francaise, Chennai; Paintings, Performance, Installation,
Max Mueller Bhavan, Chennai and Paintings, Alliance Francaise, Chennai in 1999;
‘New Paintings’, Alliance Francaise, Pondicherry, Chennai, 1998 and Paintings,
Alliance Francaise, Chennai, 1997.
His Group Shows include “Mudhras Meaning and Metaphor” with German Artist
Ernst Hesse, Lalit Kala Academy, Chennai, ‘Collaboration’, Multimedia Exhibition,
Apparao Galleries, Chennai, 2000 and at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, 1999, Kamal
Nayan Gallery, Mumbai, Chitra Kala Parishad, Bangalore and Lalit Kala Academy,
Natesh is known for his striking installations, a few of which are listed here – ‘Walk
on’, Ultra-Violet Installation, Cholamandal Artists Village, ‘Two Birds’ Site Specific
Installation, shore of Bay of Bengal, DakshinaChitra, ‘Two Brains’, Polyurethane
construction, The National Camp for Installation Art, Lucknow, ‘The Bird’, hollow
steel structure, Alliance Francaise, ‘Megalomaniac’, photograph, water, Alliance
Francaise, ‘Shiva’, welded and mounted photographs, Alliance Francaise, ‘Water’,
Max Mueller Bhavan lawns, ‘Spooky Tales’, Amethyst, British Council, ‘Nungamba
2’, Alliance Francaise, ‘The limits of transgression’, Max Mueller Bhavan, ‘Tippu
Sultan’, Installed at The theatre production of Madras Players, ‘Rope tree’, Hanging
foam structure, Alliance Francaise, ‘Sky is the limit,’ televisions, scaffoldings, Max
Mueller Bhavan, ‘Green, something pyramid’, cane structure, Alliance Francaise,
‘Ganashyam’, and Installation, lighting design, production design; Pandit Ravi
Shankar and company.


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