From 2006 to 2008 Artworld embarked on a journey of experimentation with the great 80 year old artist Prokash Karmakar. The project spread over 3 years involved travelling to various destinations along with the artist and documenting the many sights and feelings that were evoked during these trips

in a completely free and experimental manner. The brief was to break new ground in evolving a new language which was different from what the Artist had achieved sofar. The challenge was a great one to which the Artist responded with courage.

The trips were many, travelling into the interior villages of fertile Bengal, travelling to Puri, bhubaneshwar and Konark in Orissa, driving to the beach fronts in west Bengal (Digha), coming down South to Chennai, Pondicherry and the hills of Kodaikanal, and living in the desert tents in Jodhpur.

Prokash Karmakar’s keen sense of observation, his love for Nature and his wanderlust was baffling. Spending time with the great Artist on all these journeys, was an eye-opener. How much more creativity

was still alive in this 80 year old artist! A continuous outpouring of creativity came from the brush as no market driven conditions were imposed, and a steady flow of fresh forms and ideas emerged.

Prokash Karmakar from being a realistic landscape and figurative painter was moving towards a more minimalistic and sometimes abstract zone. He was himself puzzled at the results, he had broken new ground in his artistic language because he was unfetterd by market dynamics and conditions and could soar freely in his quest for fresh ideas, forms and composition. This exhibition is an example of unbridled creativity and we hope we can to do more such experiments in the years ahead.


Event Prokash Karmakar – Solo Exhibition
(Organised by Artworld)
Time 5:00 PM
Venue Amethyst
Show Closes March 18

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