Forum Art Gallery and Burgundy Restaurants present ‘Humorology’ at what better venue than at Burgundy’s, where art and cuisine come together for the first time at a dining space that aims to provide an interactive experience with show kitchens featuring a variety of cooking styles, a pizza oven which marries modernity to tradition and counters of pastas, salads and desserts.

Burgundy’s buffets, contemporary to behold, serve daily breakfasts, lunch and dinner, and churns out an elaborate brunch on Sundays showcasing live counters featuring small,” just out of the pan” portions on ceramics and eco friendly platters.

The show believes in adaptability, so that the cooking styles can be adjusted for specialty nights, as in dosa and pancakes, seafood on grills, pasta tossing and vegetarian skewers! For the coffee connoisseurs they feature a coffee Bar with the aroma of freshly ground and brewed finest coffee mingling with the aroma of fresh made croissants, daily rolls, and a variety of baked treats hot out of the oven, assaulting the senses pleasantly. To cool the culinary passion, there always is an Italian Fresco gelato, with a host of health flavours for the sinless treat!!

The cuisine is based on a selection that has highlights of the best of Mediterranean, European and Indian classics along with Pan Asian specialties. Burgundy’s strives to provide a visual feast, which tastes as good as it looks and their unique cooking styles using the best of the ingredients and farm fresh produce to create a fine dining cuisine which pampers the soul and caters to the heart.

Be it lounging in the terrace garden seated underneath the star lit skies feeling the wafting sea breeze amidst the gentle whisper of the rustling leaves and the soulful crooning of the fountains, the art and food experience promises to transport clients to an ethereal culinary utopia away from the hustle and bustle of Chennai.

57, Padmanabha Nagar, 5th St.,
Chennai 600020
T: (044) 42115596 / 97

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