Solo Project by Cartoonist Biswajit Balasubramanian Biswajit Balasubramanian draws his cartoon art from real life and real people, and believes that all it takes is perceptive thinking, and a fresh open mind in touch with the child within. His cartoons celebrate the humour in everyday living, while the inherent differences between men and women and the resulting life-situations are a source of endless fascination. His cartoons are neither gender-based nor biased. For him, the biggest compliment lies in both men and women appreciating and relating to his work, seeing their lives reflected in his speaking lines.

Today’s gizmo-ridden world can be intimidating. Yet, people, unafraid of challenges, have always proved expert in adapting to Change, swiftly re-arranging their thinking and perceptions to meet the demands of an ever-changing, increasingly global lifestyle. The gentle satire, the visual puns beckon from within the frames, offering laughter, both for fun, and for therapy, soothing the sharp edges gathered while living out a day.

Humor teaches tolerance; it makes even the occasional failure or disappointment more bearable, and helps you face an uncertain future with a smile.

There are many ways of viewing life. For Biswajit Balasubramanian, the cheerful acceptance of all the contrasting elements that Life presents makes being alive interesting, delightful, and creates the best sound in the world – that of laughter.


Event 1 “Metaphors and Materials” by Puneet Kaushik & Shalini Biswajit
Event 2 “A Working Title” Group Exhibition curated by Shalini Biswajit
Artists Bandeep Singh, Birendra Pani, Clare Arni, Harsha
Biswajit, Kanchan Chander, Maripally Praveen Goud,
Mukesh Sharma, Ravi Kumar Kashi, Seema
Kohli, Murali Cheeroth
Time 7:00 PM
Venue Forum Art Gallery
Show Closes April 12


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