The four young artists, alumni of the Govt. College of Fine Arts, Aneesh,K.R., S.Kumaresan, P. Saravanan and Sunil Kumar Sree think differently and boldly and translate their thoughts into their creations. They are moving away from the clichéd themes, materials and techniques of making art. Their ideas germinate from what they perceive around them, consciously or unconsciously, be it the artists working around them or others they come across in their movements outside of their studios and the environments they live in.

For an intelligent artist any material can be a vehicle to convey his/her ideas – it need not be the traditional paint and brush on canvas; when going beyond the mundane anything and everything from metal, stone and cloth to found objects like wrapper of sweets, thread, detritus from pan shops, seeds or even bus or train tickets can come in handy for expressing one’s thoughts, emotions and reactions to one’s experience; the surface could be the wall or the floor itself or the creations may even hang and float freely in space. Making art is a continuous process; even while one work is in progress another one is born in the mind. These youngsters are looking ahead, breaking away from traditional psychological constraints and coming out boldly with their creations be it mixed media work, sculpture or installation.

Lakshmi Venkatraman


Event Group Exhibition of Installations
Artists K. R. Aneesh, Sunil Kumar Sree, Kumaresan Selvaraj,
Sarvanan Parsuraman
Time 5:30 PM
Venue Gallery Sri Parvati
Show Closes April 7

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