The German born artist Ruth Bisping studied at the College of Fine Art in Braunschweig/Germany and at the Academy for Design in Bielefeld. She got a stipend in Toronto and has held solo shows of her works in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Toronto, Bordeaux and Chennai and has participated in several group shows in Germany, France, Lithuania, Italy, and Canada. She took part at the Art Summitin Düsseldorf and Biennale for Installation at Gera in 2011. Ruth lives in Germany and France. She has lately worked for a year in Chennai and lives there now. Ruth shows works from different periods of her stay in India.

Her painting is rooted in gestural painting and in Tachisme. These styles are characterized by the spontaneous application of colour fields onto the canvas. The impulsive process of painting allows the artist to transform her very personal sensation of the moment. The painting is the area of action, onto which emotions, sentiments and ideas are written down.



Event Ruth Bisping – Solo Exhibition
Time 5:00 PM
Venue Goethe Institut
Show Closes March 18

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